“A good start is half the work”, finally I can say that I moved a first step for my Final Major Project. After weeks thinking about it, I found a theme which really convinced me to develop my dissertation and related project.

From the beginning I had the idea to work on human psychology in order to influence user behaviours, I noticed that people in a challenging situation would act in a different way than in a not challenging one, but the I struggled to develop this concept further. Yesterday morning though, after explaining this rough idea, my tutor Eva suddenly came up with the solution: gamification. She showed me some videos of The Fun Theory and made me realise their principle.

The funny thing is that this video has been pinned on my Pinterest board for over 4 years now, I had seen it several times, but I never heard of such movement behind it.
After few hours online I realised the popularity of gamification and started to learn many things about it. Among other things I found pretty interesting and exciting the talk of Gabe Zichermann on gamification here reported:

By the end of the day a further help arrived via Twitter.

Suddenly from not having a starting point, in less than a day I got loads of materials to research, time to work on it!