As we come to speak of the role of designers nowadays, I can’t avoid to mention a talk which I already reported in a previous post: the one of Tim Brown, where he urges designer to think big, to focus on the design thinking rather than just design small and often useless products.

“And I’d like to suggest that if we take a different view of design, and focus less on the object and more on design thinking as an approach, that we actually might see the result in a bigger impact.”

Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO

I believe, indeed, that designers should not focus only on pleasant and functional products (standard design prerequisites), but on the entire systems these products belong to. System and service design are for me two disciplines as much complete as generic, indeed they should envelope every single design project.

Probably I am not saying anything new, as it is a sort of trend now, but I also believe that nowadays designers should mainly focus on big problems which threaten our existence, our health or our wellness. From my point of view I always been interested in sustainability and with my projects I aim to design for it.