My project on Social Object is ready for the ThingsCon conference in Berlin. After spending a month trying to build a prototype forThe Stubborn Door, I had eventually to give in my idea for logistic reason (reported in my previous post).
Hence, I get back to my previous room mockup showing The Morning Window having only a week I did what I could to improve the prototype: I replaced the fabric of the curtain and built a wooden structure to cover the top of it, making it look clean. I replaced the LED with a better light which I recessed in a wall, put a light switch on the same wall and put some decorations, such as the paintings, wallpaper and floor. Here is the final model:

The Morning Window

I order to keep the idea of The Stubborn Door alive and also to explain better the effects on people of The Cheeky Objects in general I realised a video of their function in a house.