First idea:

Washing machines powered by bicycles are already considered “DIY” technology in poor countries and eco-villages, however it remains a niche solution, seen as a “remedy for the poor”, which most of the people wouldn’t allow in their luxurious houses, therefore, I thought about adding a simple element which would make it more fun and probably accepted by more people, that is, make an app out of it.

The app would be assigned badges and classified users in leaderboards, so adding extrinsic rewards to a process which already gives some intrinsic motivations, such as the desire to do sport and get fit, the need/desire to wash the clothes, energy and money saving.

The reason why I chose a washing machine is simply because that’s one of the appliances which consumes the most energy in a household. However, the idea could be extended to other smaller appliances, such as toaster, phone, blender, stereo, etc.

Pro: consistent with dissertation

Cons: no critical aspect, too specific, not very fun



Second idea:

A platform which would be produced either sounds or lights as people are stepping on it. This idea is inspired by the already existing Energy Floors, but the focus in this case would be exclusively on showing people how much energy they produce with simple movements.

This would be a participatory interaction, since lots of people would be involved in the  process which would mean a huge amount of energy is produced and so the  light intensity/sound volume coming from the sides of the platform would be large.

Pro: fun

Cons: not original, inconsistent with dissertation


Third idea

A memory game is inspired by the popular Dittobeat to charge a phone. It consists still of a platform, but a lot smaller than the previous one, composed of nine squares in rows of three, to which is connected a phone charging cable. The squares will light up in a random order suggesting a pattern which must be repeated by the user, in case of success the user’s phone (obviously attached previously to the cable) will be charging.

This would be engaging for people, as everybody would play a little game to charge their phones, however it would be probably physically impossible. Indeed, the energy produced is likely not be not enough to charge a phone, furthermore to display a pattern in the beginning some electricity has to be used.

Pro: fun, consistent with dissertation

Cons: not sure about energy effieciencysecond_idea_sketch

Fourth idea

An app showing how much energy is released biking and what it could be used for.

The idea is to show visually what a kilowatt is. This project would focus almost exclusively on the interface which has to be engaging and clear for the user. It could be turned into a proper game, with different levels and landscapes.

Pro: critical aspect

Cons: inconsistent with thesis, not fun