The outcome of my speculative design project will be a 3 minutes film, where I intend to show how facial recognition technologies in everyday life would change people’s way to relate and how simple interactions between them would be probably mutated.

I would like to show this in a sort of sad and paranoiac vision, on the same line of the British sci-fi TV series Black Mirror, which shows the side effects of technology in a noir and satirical way.

The first scene will be representing probably one of the most basic interaction between two people: they casually meet each other in the street walking in opposite direction and they simply greet each other. My intention is to show how also a simple everyday task would be influenced by facial recognition technologies. From a very easy and intuitive action this would become something much more (unnecessarily) complex. It will also be a judging moment, as machines will be describing in detail the person recognised, suggesting also their own opinions to the user.

Here is a rough storyboard which I sketched out few days ago to have a first idea of the scene which I plan to shoot in my district, Kennington. I’d like to shoot it in a cloudy, dark day which would give a sad and gloomy feeling. However since I planned this, the sun in shining on London everyday as it never happened before.