After a project review with Tobias, I changed quite a lot the script of the film. From 3 scenes I reduced it to one, only the one which will see a person walking in the street. Furthermore he suggested me to describe only an idea and better, rather than three in a quick, approximate way. I’ve got only 3 minutes, but I prepared way too much material for such a short time.

The idea which I will express will be only the influence of machines on humans using it: they will be dictating what to do and expressing their opinion on the person in front of them.

For this reason I changed the script:

A girl, Sofia, will be walking in the street (West End Lane) crossing the path before with a person that she knows. This person is judged positively by the machine, which will then suggest to Sofia to say hello.
Sofia will then keep walking and will cross the path with another person, this time unknown to her, however the machine will be still able to retrieve a lot of information from him.
The third person that Sofia will be walking past is familiar to her, but this time the machine warns her, saying that he’s not good for her, she shouldn’t say anything to him and refuse him.
Finally, Sofia will be intrigued by a fourth person, she is the one hiding herself from this technologies and will be called by the machine an “obscured”. The machine won’t manage to identify “it”. For this purpose, Tobias suggested me to look at CV Dazzle, a fashion camouflage against facial detection technologies. I had already seen to that during my research, but I forgot about it. Something like that fits just perfectly for my purpose, I will paint the face of one of the actors, making her not identifiable by the machine.