On Friday I built the base of the wheel. It took me the whole day, but in the, just 10 minutes before the 3D workshop closing time I screwed in the last bolt which completed the base.
The most difficult part has been surely cutting the aluminum pipes precisely and of the right measure, which by the way still has to be tested, finger crossed.



Cutting the aluminium pipes, not a fun job.



Two aluminium pipes of 62cm are placed on one side of the base, which is kept together with the other side by threaded rods.



The two sides are put together creating the base.



First two skateboards wheels fixed at the base, they will allow the rotation of the entire wheel.



Testing the ring on the skateboard wheels, it turns!



The base complete, hopefully it’s large enough to allow the rotation of the wheel.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be putting together the two rings and the slates, creating the wheel. They are about 60 slates, it’s going to be long process, but I should get some help from other students.