Brief description:

It is a project about sustainability. It aims to educate people to become more responsible and save energy. I designed two smart objects: The Stubborn Door and The Morning Window. Both of them can attempt to ‘correct’ human behaviour.

Project description:

Title: Cheeky Objects

Context: Ecology and energy saving

Rationale: Rise awareness, educating people to electric energy saving and showing the paradox of objects smarter than their owner.

Methodology / Technology:

Arduino connected to a switch and a light sensors as inputs and a light and a servo motor as outputs.The whole process works only when the light is on, therefore the switch will be the initial trigger. The light is on a inside wall of a room, while the light sensor is on its outside wall.This sensor checks whether outside is bright enough to switch off the light inside and at the same time it rises the window blinds moved by the servo, letting the light from outside illuminate the room.



Due to logistic reason, the only exposed project is a scaled model of squared a room 39cmx39cmx17cm, with the Morning Window placed on a wall.

Project description:

The IoT aims to make our houses smarter and smarter, to enhance our comfort and our lifestyle, but what happens when a house knows better than you which behaviours are more appropriate and more sustainable for the environment for example? It could be not always easy and pleasant to be with objects as smart as you, above all if they would sometimes disagree with you.What if the house take the initiative to tell you what to do? In fact, an object to be really smart cannot simply obey a master, it has to have a bit of autonomy, if not really its own life, at least it should have its opinion and the freedom to express it.

Cheeky Objects aim to educate people to energy saving and more responsible behaviours. To do that they act with their strong point, their connectivity within each other. Indeed they operate together as a team, the light bulb is connected with the door, window and so on. The project might be extended to almost every object present in a household, but the first two designed are the Stubborn Door and the Morning Window. The door doesn’t let people out of a room unless they switch off the lights in the room, while the window has smart blinds which are automatically opening as soon as the light outside the room is stronger than the internal light.

The Morning Window