I’m back writing on my blog as I’m leaving a full-time job again going back to freelancing only… I mean, the real reason? I’ve got a very acute form tonsillitis which forced me stuck at home all Easter week. But anyway, my life is really about to change again.

I’m back writing on my blog as I’m leaving a full-time job again to go back to freelancing… I mean, the real reason? I’ve got a very acute form tonsillitis which forced me home all Easter week, so I’ve got nothing to do, but write. Besides this, my life is really about to change again.

Last year, when I got back from my trip in SE Asia, I swore I was not going to stay in London for long and I would have started travelling again. But over a year later, here I am, still in London with a full-time job. Not exactly what I had planned..

What am I doing? Life won’t last long, if I want to get back travelling I need to do it soon, before settling in too comfortably. It’s like sitting on a memory foam chair, the longer you sit there the more difficult will be to stand up. Ok, weird comparison, but it should give the idea.

So I decided it’s time to move on. I can’t just post-pone because I’m in a nice and easy situation. I feel comfortable, I work in a cool agency, I have beautiful colleagues, a great group of friends, a football team where I play weekly, I love the district where I live…but I’m stuck in a routine. 

What’s the problem you’ll say. 

Well, you remember the graph example? 2-4th paragraph here

One of the problems I find is this: I can’t remember whether something happened last week, the week before, or the one even earlier. They are all the same. Over the weekend I usually go out with my friends, from pub to pub and the weekend is over before I even realise it, without doing anything new. So I end up having time to do things 4 evenings per week…no wait, on Tuesday I go to play football, so 3 per week. Oh no wait..on Monday I’m generally tired after the weekend so 2 evenings per week…mmh actually no, then there is the Champions League on Wednesday (that will never finish, we’re going to win this year! COYS!!).
So in the end, if I wanted to do something new I’d have one evening per week! The rest of the hours are to be spend to go to work on preparing to go to work.

From the beginning of the year, as I got back from Christmas holidays, I started to suffer a bit this lifestyle. I mean winter months are miserable by default, but passed into a routine are even worst. So since then I started thinking that I should’ve left the job and go back freelancing.
I used to think “I need more freedom, I can’t just go out when it’s dark outside. I’d rather work at night and have a walk during the day to catch some sunlight (The fact that my office is in a basement didn’t help either). I need more time to do things, if I want to leave for 3 days I can’t just ask for holidays – I need my holidays during the summer. 

Leaving a full-time job is never easy though. It’s always a bit of a jump in the dark, even if you already have some freelance contacts. Plus I actually really liked the agency and the colleagues. So I’ve been postponing the decision for a bit. But eventually two weeks ago, I took the step. I handed my notice and May 17th is going to be my last day. It’s official now.

Right after that, things started to move even faster. Surprisingly, I’ve been told by my flatmates that I have to move out by the end of May. That was really out of the blue. I hadn’t done anything wrong to them, but well, another sign. Not just freelancing, remote freelancing. As I like it. I don’t think I’m gonna get another place after moving out. Can’t be bothered to look for another place, viewing overpriced shit holes, to go through interviews where I’d need to be nice and pretend to be very interested to whatever shit the “potential new flatmates” are into.

Plus summer is about to start and would be nice to spend it in a place which offers real summers – can’t complain about last UK summer to be honest, but is this one gonna be the same?

So the idea is to leave all my stuff in London at friends places and work remotely from other places in Europe for the summer. Occasionally coming back to London for meetings or if somebody requires me to work for few days on-site. After all, that works out cheaper than paying London’s rent.

Let’s see what happens, that’s the plan for now. Hopefully I can get rid of this tonsillitis first of all…