Reflecting on the project again:

– This goblet was used for a popular drinking game, to incentivise alcohol consuming.

– Drinking games are made to have fun and get wasted, nothing to be serious about.

– Therefore the interaction might be something funny for the user.

– Why not to give to the user a drunk feeling, without let him drink obviously, just playing on his senses, with videos and sounds.

This idea looks nice, but I’m missing a proper interaction, the only interaction here would be the user blowing on an Ipad or whatever device and some videos start. These videos are supposed to make him dizzy, he will probably feel dizzy, but still, I’m not convinced that this would be a complete interaction.

Today, however I think I had an illumination.

Probably one of the most brilliant moment of my days is when I get off in Liverpool Street Station in the morning to go to work, after two Tube journeys. The feeling is always like if I just got up, I rise my head from my phone where I’d been reading my ebook. Finished the reading is like if I got up from bed, but less dazed, my brain is very awake even if not completely aware of where I am for the first few moments. Well, then it’s when I usually recap what I should do during the day, organise a bit all the ideas and sometimes like the this morning I had a brilliant idea, I don’t remember well how it came, maybe looking at someone with a stupid face, but the important is that it came.

“What if, during the video we take a picture of the user looking at it? If you look at a picture of yourself concentrated on something you look always a bit…not smart let’s say. But what if while you are concentrated you get suddenly surprised by something? What if during the video we put something unexpected?
A scary thing? No, the user would appear scared, some people might scream and freak out, that’s not what I want. A picture? No, too easy and quick to recognise, probably not everybody would be surprised, many not interested.
I need something that everybody might be somehow interested in.
A text might be good, but what if they read the text too soon and too easily, the user face might be too normal, too unchanged. The text must be small, difficult to read. Imagine your face when you try to read something very small that appear all in a sudden, not the smartest one to be immortalise right?  Now, think about your face after a shot of sole vodka, they might be quite similar right?”

I think this trick might work, this would give more sense to the interaction. The user after this will feel shocked, he will be provoked by this interaction.